• ins and outs 来龙去脉
  • our agenda comprises of 议程包括
  • resemble 类似
  • under the hood 在底层
  • field them with Vue.use, the API.
  • And kind of walk you through how to use render functions in the Vue context 并指导你如何在Vue上下文中使用渲染函数


  • is like streams and stuff 像流之类的东西
  • when you change the state and how the state reflects in the update of the entire system.
  • So this is a very naive imperative solution right? 所以这是一个很幼稚的命令式解决方案吧?
  • procedural 程序性的
  • the b1 cell is always kept in sync per(按照-in accordance with) the requirements of the spreadsheet
  • So this internal representation, view = render(state) is the very high level abstraction of how all the view rendering systems work.
  • So we’ll not really bother with the details in here because it involves detailed DOM, DOM implementations, virtual DOM implementations and all that.所以我们就不去管这里面的细节了,因为这涉及到详细的DOM,DOM实现,虚拟DOM实现等等。
  • look into 研究
  • in a nutshell 简而言之
  • granular adj.含颗粒的,颗粒状的; 粗糙的;
  • in the sense that
    • “In the sense that” is correctly used to distinguish between two possible senses (approximately meanings) of a word or phrase. So:”This fact is funny, in the sense that it makes me laugh” or “This fact is funny, in the sense that it is strange”.
    • This phrase is an explanatory linking phrase, used to link two parts of a sentence together so that it is clear that the first statement is being explained by or contrasted with the second part.
  • This is essentially a basic form of dependency tracking that’s commonly shared in Knockout.js, Meteor Tracker, and Vue.js and MobX. MobX is a state management pattern for React.

getters and setters

  • essentially 本质上
  • arbitrary values 任意值
  • to assert whether your current implementation is correct 以确定您当前的实现是否正确
  • access and assignments 访问和赋值
  • And this class will have two methods, depend and notify 这个类会有两个方法,依赖和通知
  • associate 关联
  • go half through the time 时间过半
  • So the catch here is 所以这里的问题是
  • So this variable will always point to something that references this 所以这个变量将始终指向引用这个变量的东西

dependency tracker

  • That’s the whole point, right? 这就是重点,对吧?
  • so we can just take the subscriber function and just invoke it 所以我们可以直接使用订阅者函数并调用它
  • That’s pretty much it 这就差不多了
  • this wrapped update 封装的更新
  • we need to clean up stale dependencies 我们需要清理过时的依赖关系
  • This is not accounted for 没有考虑到的

mini observer

  • mutate a property 改变一个属性
  • fill in the blanks 填空
  • to this point 到此为止

intro writing plugins

writing a simple plugin

render functions

(Essentially) A lightweight JavaScript data format to represent what the actual DOM should look like at a given point in time (本质上)一个轻量级的JavaScript数据格式来表示实际的DOM在一个给定的时间点应该是什么样子的。