• That denotes that these are separate workspaces, not folders. Other icon themes will not make this distinction as you can see below in Chalice Icons.
    这表示这些是独立的工作空间,而不是文件夹。其他图标主题不会做出这种区分,你可以在下面的 Chalice Icons 中看到。

  • prerequisite | BrE priːˈrɛkwɪzɪt, AmE priˈrɛkwəzət |
    A. noun
    ▸ to be a prerequisite for sth;

  • You can make some tweaks to the visual components of the editor to increase the available space and improve legibility.你可以对编辑器的视觉组件进行一些调整,增加可用空间,提高可读性。

  • Here are a few more keyboard shortcuts to add to your repertoire( a list or supply of dramas, operas, pieces, or parts that a company or person is prepared to perform).